Latex&The ability to flashcards with Apple Pencil without and host.My problem with the flashcard features


  1. When I create a Card Deck from the mindmap, the cards have the same excerpt on both sides. That does not make any sense?
    How do I delete the excerpt on each side? I will like the card to be either a question or an answer, not both!

  2. Does MN support making flashcards without having a host?

  3. I will like to be able to make a new Card Deck (empty) then to be able to have the document on the right. The make cards as I progress in reading my documents.

  4. Can I export and import Anki flashbacks? If yes, then how?

Do anyone even use the Review (flashcard) feature? :smile:
I will probably start using Anki.

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Forgot something important feature suggestions :

  1. LaTeX support.
  2. The ability to make flashcards without a host.
  3. The ability to flashcards with Apple Pencil without and host.

latex support is in MN2 pro.
MN3 still not update about it. Too little people use this in MN2.

By the way, what do you use for with latex? Are you Math or Physics scientest?

I use LaTeX in my studies: math, economics and physics.
Sometimes I need to write a mathematical expression on my MacBook.
There is no way to do this without LaTeX.

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Thank you. I will report this demands.


I (need to) use Anki here as well. The flashcard feature clearly is the weakest part of MarginNote3.

Another feature: Allow me to create different templates with different fields like this:

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Same demand here. Latex support is pretty import for my studies.

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I am also a long term anki user, but I think only a (very) small fraction of anki users would create custom templates.

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