Left justification?

Please add the option of left justification for ePub documents.

Hello, hnealiii. You could try using apps like Calibre, which really comes in handy to reconvert the book into a new ePub file and make sure to change justification.

Change text justification. A value of “left” converts all justified text in the source to left aligned (i.e. unjustified) text. A value of “justify” converts all unjustified text to justified. A value of “original” (the default) does not change justification in the source file. Note that only some output formats support justification.
---- from https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/generated/en/ebook-convert.html

Support Team

Converting to PDF by Calibre is also recommend.
PDF is the main development purpose of marginnote which has much more new features.