License problem

hello there, i have upgraded my laptop and now can no longer use marginnote despite entering the correct license code on devmate. It tells me i am unable to use it on a new computer even though it is wiped from previous.
Can you help?

Hello, joebtay,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum.
Activation & Deactivation:
MarginNote 3 has 14-days free trial. You could enter the activation number here to complete activation.
Before you reinstall the system or replace the device, please follow the step to deactivate it: In the Mac OS top menu, click “MarginNote 3” >>> Select “Deactivate”

Best Regards,
MN Support Team

My macbook was broken up and then logic board has replaced.
So I can not ‘deactivate’ now.
About this problem, I sent e-mail to with license code, but I didn’t receive any mail yet.

Please help me!

Hello, thank you for your response.
I wiped my laptop, disconnected icloud and reinstalled Mac OS, and have now traded it in- no idea had to be uninstalled in this situation.
Is there another way to reactivate my app?

Hello Hong & joebtay,
Could you please tell me whether your code is bought from fastspring or paddle?
MN Support Team

I have no idea about that, but the order mail came from ‘’.

So I think I bought it from fastspring.

When i put in the code, it is recognised by devmate but not paddle.
I received a single use coupon for fastspring

Please send your activation code to, we’ll deal with the issue and give your replies as soon as possible.
Best Regards,

I just sent an email. Thank you

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as have I
many thx for your help

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Thanks for your prompt response, and please try to key the activation code again.

Licencing oh not again :expressionless: It is a very irritating license problem I have faced many times. Even a day before yesterday I have run the logitech gaming software but again the licensing issue arising and installation was failed.

Hi Bryan, I have the same problem and I forgot to deactivate before formatting the computers. My license is purchased through I forwarded the order confirmation to

Please help me deactivate the current activations, so that I can install the MarginNote on newly installed operating system.

Thank you very much.