Link note to page or paragraph without an excerpt

I’ve been jumping between LiquidText and Marginnote for some time and I’ve nearly settled on marginnote. But one thing that liquidtext text does really well is to show you to draw a line between a spot on the page and an excerpt / note to link them.

Is this possible in marginnote? It seems to me that I need to highlight text and then link a node if the mindmap to that. But I don’t always want an excerpt / quote - often I’m wanting to summarise a paragraph in my own words but there’s no specific excerpt of that paragraph I want to appear in my outline. But I do want to be able to follow a link from that node to the paragraph.


I would create an excerpt of the selected paragraph (with white border or white highlight) without having it shown on the mindmap (just turn the auto-add off), make my notes as usual in the mindmap, and then drag a link between the “white” selection and my node of choice. Probably not the smartest method tho.

Another method, which I prefer, is to use the autotitle add-on to highlight the keyword and then freetype my summary in the node.

Hope it helps!

Thank you. I still end up with those highlights in my notes / outline, though, which I don’t want. I want to reserve excerpts in my outline for when I really want to make use of a quotation.


Good suggestion, if it is convenient for you, can you record a video to explain your needs in detail?

Kind Regards,
Support Team