【Linking idea Guide】Link pages on different books without excerpt

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to link a page from one book to a page or text in another book as in LiquidText?? Please help. Thank you.

Short answer as a easy way:(Same as Liquidtext, multi-tag adding books)
combine two books in a single mindmap notebook and make excerpts. Drag and drop two excerpts together.

Long answer as an universal cross-project linking:
In the version 3.4.x of MN, you need to open two books separately in document mode or study mode,
a. Make an except with your page or text,

b, Copy the note URL in card editor or Use shortcuts CMD+Shift+C

c, if you don’t want the temporary excerpts which is only used for linking show in your mindmap,you could turn off the Auto-add mindmap option

d, Now having the note URL,you can paste this in another book you want to refer it as a comments (especially two books in two different mindmap project). It will auto-transform to Linked note viewer.

Soon, in the MN 3.5.x, with the support of Sidecar ,you could open mutil-mindmap on your device and drag what you want to refer as a link directly .

Thank you for the reply. I ll try the 1st method. Cheers
Hope to have some update in the future.

Is there an easier way to do this now?

Can I draw a line to create a link between pages now? That would be so awesome!

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Your suggestion is great, but we need to combine specific scenarios and techniques to further study it

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