Linking Page to Page request

Is there a way or can you create a way to link from page to page and note to page by drawing a line from one spot to the other? Similar to how Liquid Text works? It would be so helpful if I could create a link to a specific page just by drawing a line. Or if I had 2 pages open side by side and wanted to link between the two because they related to each other, I could just draw a line and Boom, a 2-way link would be created that jumped you to that page and back.

If there’s a way to already do this, please let me know, however I’ve tried multiple things and have not been able to get it to work nor an easy work around.

Thank you for your time!



That's an amazing thought but sadly it is currently not supported.

Maybe you can alternatively set up two cards for this two pages and link them together ...

Kind Regards,
Support Team