Links representation in Mindmap

Linked notes are connected by a straight dashed line in Mindmap.

Unfortunately this representation can generate ambiguities; see screenshot below:

Connections should be routed so to avoid note tiles.

Remark: I know linked notes have an active link you can press to get to the other note and you’re not supposed to follow visually the connection but here I’m only considering the visual representation of the Mindmap.
Showing the connections is a smart and valuable idea but it must be done the right way.

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Do you have examples in pure mindmapping apps that do this better?

No, I don’t. I just played a bit with mindmaps but never used for serious work.
I suspect that mindmaps usually only display the child/parent/siblings relationships in the typical form of the tree diagram.

As I wrote, the addition of links and visual connection between tiles is a good and probably new idea (to me at least).
Seen from the outside the problem could be approached using the same engine/logic that draws the standard connections between tiles. Take one of the two linked notes and consider it the parent while the other one is the child; where would the parent/child connection line be drawn? That path becomes the dashed linking line.

I think this really Is more of a question about the direction of MN3. Personally, I would love it to move a bit in the direction of Tinderbox‘s concept maps and possibly add a separate tab or view for this.

I would love to be able to move take notes from my mindmap and add them to a canvas where I can position them more freely and add text and different line styles between notes (especially when in a focus-style mode or rearrange the notes according to a physics engine (when you see the notes dancing around in other concept mapping apps).


It seems an visual problem. Move the cards to satisfy link straight line display may helps.

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