Little brother Tag Screen 🐡 BUT INCLUDED DIFFERENT STUDIES 🪴

We can screen (and go) other nodes with Same tag in SAME STUDY with this little brother tag screen :nerd_face:

We should screen (and go) other nodes with Same tag with DIFFERENT STUDIES too.

That’s the BIG reason the users TAG
That’s the COURAGE to tag more
That’s the speciality that used with most known note taking apps like obsidian and notion…
That’s the only way to make interface like universal (like Pinterest app)
That’s the Super CONNECTION within the MULTIPLE STUDIES that we can not offer with link speciality
That’s the another future of MarginNote…


Other tag wishes:


Thank you very much for your suggestions, tags are really useful for you, we will consider your suggestions

Kind Regards,
Support Team

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I m impatiently waiting for this progress (update) \

Maybe you can optimize it opening directly search results with tag…

I mean you don’t have to create something that may be problematic for software, you can make it like shortcut to search. @Bubble_Support-Team

So the user can screen, access, edit the SAME tag in DIFFERENT Studies…

What do you think: