Hashtag Updated wishes 🔬

" Add hashtag " button should work directly when the word is written on the search area
It is important because every time people / users notice, the word is not in the memory , they d already click the " add hashtag" button

But now they have to write the same word again for adding new hashtag to the unnecessary "create new hashtag " area

It makes people irritated and waste of time and willpower:

‘’tags in the current Doc results’’ should be PRESENTED when the tag is DİRECTLY written on the nodes.

think about this scenario ;

you are using onnly keyboard or you are making so much tagging
there are so much tags and People are forgetful and
it is so cumbersome when the same hashtag is written again just with one letter diffirence
it is so hard to merge them with finding one and one.

So it is clear we need ‘’tags in the current doc’’ results for any case

Just because of the no ‘’Tags in the current Notebook” results when user write directly hashtag on nodes with “#”, users sometimes REWRITE hashtags with one letter difference

it is cumbersome because it is so hard and time wasting to find every one of them and fix it.

this wish may be another solution for this problem

merging two hasgtags

Section Tags

‘’Add as a new tag’’ button for operation keys

last used tags button;


As you see
İ m first writing “usage”
When i understand there is no “usage” tag before
İ have to push “add hashtag button” and WRİTE İT AGAİN!

This makes
people crazy
make people use less tags
Let willpower depletion
And slows the flow
Kills the productivity