Lost Notes? Annotations Not synced?

I have been working on the notes in a book on and off for months now. I haven’t edited it in maybe a month, but when I start working on it I notice that I am missing over a dozen of my latest annotations. I know because I still have the images on my ipad Photos app that were included with those notes. What happened? Hours of work is lost, and I have rewritten half of the notes now, but I am wondering where the others went. I am afraid to look in other books I had also worked on in the previous months. How can I make sure that a book is backed up. Can I back up to Google Drive? Dropbox? Microsoft OneDrive? Evernote? How about just saving it to my iPad Files folder?

Where can I do this and see when my last backup was?

Hello, sjd,

Thanks for the information provided. Please first check whether you have chosen the right notebook for the document.

If you find it still not works, please tell me.

If you want to back up the files to Google Drive or other cloud disk, you’d better to transfer & compress the back-up file to Files and then upload it to Google Drive.Really sorry about the bad product experience, and we’ll improve the sync and back-up function at version 3.7.

Best Regards
MN Support Team


I use the search function to search all mindmaps and nothing appears, so I know it’s not in the system.

Please fix this issue…