Lots of mnscene files on MN3 for Mac

Hi, I’m running MarginNote 3.7.14 on my Mac (Big Sur 11.6). For the past month or so, when I start MN3, I do not get a window. I have to press Command-N to open a new window every time on startup. I think every time I do this, I create an mnscene file. If I right click on the MN3 icon in the Dock, I see that I have accumulated many such mnscene files (see image).

Do you understand what’s going on here? Is there something I can do to remove all of these unnecessary mnscene files. Can I change something so that MN3 will start up with a window? Thanks! – Adam



There is no good way to delete these mnscenes.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

What about the persistent requirement to open a new window on MN3 start up? @Support-Team

So it’s not just me who sees this issue. Thanks!

Actually, I don’t have that issue. I just asked because I saw your question was not responded to adequately. If I were to hazard a guess then I would suggest reinstalling.

Thanks @happycatmachine . I reinstalled the app and no change.