Mac as 2nd screen or multiple screen setup

Hi, I have Ipad pro 12.9 and macbook air 2017 model. Is there any way I can use both the devices either mac as 2nd screen or ipad as 2nd screen to show mindmap on one and pdf document on another? does marginnote 3 support such feature officially? If not, is there some kind of a work around? I also have marginnote purchased on both ipad and mac.


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It's easy. You can just open the marginnote in two device and sync through iCloud.

Or, we have screenmirror in the setting. You can open two marginnote windows in the iPad, and screenmirror one of it. Then you can have one screen show the mindmap and another screen show the documents.

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Support Team

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thank you. the screen mirroring part worked

can you please share the steps for the screen mirror; I tried to find it in the settings but could not find it.

never-mind found it . :rofl:

It crashes the app million times and nothing work !! How come no fix released for it ?

Also if we want to view cards with long content it shows just the upper part on the screen but not rest of the card content !! This feature need extensive development ?!!