Mac Catalina - sidecar capability would be amazing!

Imagine having your full mind map on the Mac while using your iPad to read the PDF and add excerpts (or vice versa whatever floats your boat… although the mind map is easieR to eDit on Mac imo) ? Please tell me this is in development :heart: There is just not enough screen space. Please add sidecar !!


When Apple announced Sidecar, first thing that came to my mind is how this would help my workflows on MarginNote to lean better. Look forward for sidecar support at the earliest.

is this happening yet?? goodnotes has added support already ahhh

That’s gonna make me consider getting a Mac. Just to use Marginnote.
I bought my $500 iPad just to use Marginnote so why not this time :slight_smile:

Updated Mac yesterday, sidecar is even better than I thought. Accessing my PDFs has never been easier. No more shitty transferring to iPad to view my PDFs hahaha. Once this comes out I think my set up is completeee :star_struck:

Apple’s Sidecar SDK still have some bugs. That limit the MN using Sidecar’s advanced features. But basic features like as a secondary display is supportted.

We have released MN 3.5 for IpadOS today, its main powerful feature is multi-windows support. That make sidecar possibble. And our multi-windows could share data in realtime. You will be able to edit the same Mindmap Notebook in two Displays.
And then MN 3.5 for Mac still needs one or two weeks to test until release. Please wait for a while.

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Thank you very much. Once hand writing support is out I will have no reason to use anything else - even GoodNotes as I can write lecture notes directly as nodes during the class. And then I never have to rearrange my notes ever as it is already done topic by topic. I’m very excited to see the future of marginnote!