Mac- iCloud Sync Thread - Thread closed but still not working

I’ve been using Margin Note 3 on my iPads and iPhone and I’m very happy with it. I’ve just purchased a MacBook Air and so I bought Margin Note 3 for that too…only to find that the syncing with iCloud doesn’t work. Only after spending my £46 did I find your forum posts ‘Mac- iCloud Sync Thread’ where lots of people highlighted this problem. I notice that the thread ran for a long time but was closed late last year with no confirmation of any fix.
For your information, I use a different Apple ID on the MacBook but link to the same iCloud account as for my iPads and iPhones (just in case this makes a difference). There is obviously no problem with this setup as the Documents and Study notes did come across from iCloud when I downloaded on the Mac. However:

  • Updates to Study material does not automatically sync back and forth between Mac and iPad. When I change the same mindmap on both Mac and iPad I get two different, unsynced versions. It does sometimes work after manual syncing but usually not)
  • Manual syncing of Study books often continues with the egg-timer running for over 15 minutes (on a mindmap that has a single test node in it!!)
    Can you please give me an update on this and an expected fix date because one of the main reasons for purchasing Margin Note 3 was the cross-device syncing. Syncing between iPads and iPhones works seamlessly and I can have the same Study book open on two devices and see the updates happening in front of my eyes. Why not the same for the Mac.
    Not having Mac sync really screws up my plans and I may have to move to a competitors software. I really don’t want the hassle of having to do this (not to mention wasted money) so please tell me that all will be fixed soon.

Hello, note data is slower to sync at the moment due to fragmentation issues. Please check if iCloud has been turned on to synchronize your files and notebooks (:cloud: will be shown below if it has been turned on); then select iCloud from the more in the bottom left corner of the main interface, enter the synchronization interface, see if there are any errors, if there are errors, try to turn off the corresponding iCloud switch, try again after 30 seconds; if it shows that it is downloading, then please wait patiently: make sure that the connection is clear to WI-FI, stay in the iCloud synchronization interface, make sure that the device is always on, turn on the power charger; you can also try to restart the device or restore the network settings, we are optimizing the synchronization function, we expect the version 3.7~3.8 will be improved, in addition, the handoff function can be transferred, airdrop can also be tried~