Mac update?

Apologies if I’ve missed this, but will there be a Mac update to reflect the recent iPad update? Particularly the ability to jump between child mindmaps and to view the pencil annotations directly on the mindmap that we are now able to do? I’m now making heavy use of both these features (thank you for those updates) and am wondering how the mac version will tie in.

The Mac version at the App Store was updated 3 days ago, my educational one was updated as well. The current (non App Store) version is 3.7.1 (3.7.1102) (The App Store also carries the version number 3.7.1)

Edit 2: While my iPad usage has been minimal since the update I have successfully opened projects on both the updated iPad and the updated Mac and at first blush it seems to work, though I’ve not gone deep to find any inconsistencies.

Oh, that’s interesting: I looked yesterday and my Mac version wasn’t showing an update. I’ll look again.

That’s even more interesting - I now do have an update in the app store but it says it was only released 1 day ago. Do updates get released at different times?

Anyhow, thanks for the pointer that it was there. Now I’m off to explore it!

Must be. I don’t use the Mac store version but I’m just recalling that I saw “3 days ago” when I looked yesterday. Have fun, I love this program but I do wish that I could help refine the UI of it as I’ve done with other apps. Sadly I lack the time to do so!

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The latest version for macOS is now 3.7.2005, but I would NOT try it yet.

Every time I try to open study mode, MN totally crashes.