[Mac Version] How to work with shortcuts?


has somebody more experience in working with the Mac Version of NM 3.16+? I can’t figure out how I can move between pages using the Page Up/ Page Down key on my keyboard. I’m used to reading thru all documents using this key and it is somehow annoying. And also, can I set a shortcut for a font format “underline” and “italic”?

And can I set somewhere my personal choice of marking colours, I mean I see and use the existing colour palette - but can I set my another colour somewhere?


Firstly, I am sorry that the page-up and the page-down key doesn't work on your device, but you could try "Ctrl + Up", "Ctrl + Down", "Ctrl + Left", and "Ctrl + Down" to see if there is what you need. (If these keys don't work, you will need to disable the system shortcuts in "system preferences" -> "keyboard" -> "shortcuts" -> "Mission Control".

Secondly, you can add a shortcut to underline and italic by yourself. To do this, you need to click on the apple logo on the menu bar, select "system preferences", and find "keyboard" in it. You should then locate the "shortcuts", then select "App Short Cuts", and add one short cut. In the pop-up menu, select MarginNote, type in the title exactly as shown on the MarginNote menu for that action, then add whatever shortcut you want to it.

Lastly, we are sorry that we currently don't offer user-customizable color palettes. We have received this request many times and are taking an active consideration of it.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Dear Margin Note Team,

thx for the reply. Underline shortcut worked perfectly! About the Page-Up and Page-Down the keys do not work in MarginNote 3 but work perfectly in Adobe Acrobat Reader, so it is a MarginNote 3 issue.

About the colours - hope this will change soon - but as I’ve read I have little hope.

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