Make an Emphasize extension

Emphasize and recall is great feature of MN. I often use it to memorize key points for test on my iPad Pro and transfer between this two modes pretty often. Exit “Recall” mode is easy but re-enter “Recall”needs to click the setting menu and then click it. It’s annoying when I transfer between these two mode so frequently. I noticed in the Recall mode, “Emphasize” button in outline make the switch so easy in outline surface. Click “Emphasize”-show hidden content, click it again- content is hidden. It’s so comfortable! However, this button only works for emphasized contents in outline. For Document surface, I suggest to make an extension “Emphasize”, which is similar with the “Emphasize” button in outline surface, activate it- show the hidden content, inactivate it- hide content. It’s a tiny change, but will make MN more improved.


I ve mentioned it for recall, No answer unfortunately…

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Hope more people support our idea!

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Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate this idea very much but I personally believe this is better to be implemented as a plug-in rather than an official feature. I have raised this to our developer team and we will soon talk about it.

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Support Team

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