Manually setting iPad library to be the same as MacOS


my mac is not powering on anymore. Fortunately I have a backup of the mac disk with all the MarginNote database available on it, e.g. the MarginNotes.sqlite and the com.QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data files.

I would like to manually overwrite the sqlite library files on my iPad with the one in my mac while my mac is being repaired, which might take about a month. I really need your support to be able to work in the meanwhile!

Where do I find the sqlite and documents path on my iPad?
Any other instructions that I should keep in mind?

Many thanks for your help and time! Your support is very appreciated.

Another path that would do is to transform the sqlite files to a backup which could be used to restore the data in the iPad. Unfortunately I don’t have another mac to open MarginNote and create the standard backup files, I only have the raw database.