Margin note new version

Any updates?

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Any hope…?

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Didn’t get any update till now

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We can hope only. Fingers crossed

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Guys, we would love to hear what/when/any progression regarding MarginNote 4, if u guys share with us.

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I agree …

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Same as it ever was…

So is there any update on what’s happening with MarginNote 4? What features are being added or worked on? Release date. Anything?

Since it’s so vague I don’t feel comfortable purchasing MN 3 on my other devices until MN 4 is out because what if it takes more than 6 months and I have to repurchase it?

Are 8 months enough time to announce your plans?

This may be an unpopular opinion:

It’s actually very common among application developers not to share their plans for new releases in advance. DevonThink and many other successful applications are no different.

We can keep asking but there’s no point in becoming passive-aggressive. It is what it is and complaining won’t change anything.

You may be from support team with fake account :smirk:

These words smells familiar


I appreciate the humor @isaatalay42 :smiley:

However, rest assured that I am just a regular user and have no affiliation with MarginNote.

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