Margin note new version

Are you guys going to launch Margin note 4. If so, what is the roadmap


Good luck getting answer from these guys.


No one is answering.

The developers rarely communicate with users. It’s a real problem. Many of use have wanted to find another app because of it. I might still do so.


Is there any alternate app on Apple ecosystem for marginnote

Some developers are getting ready to fill the void. This developers of this app are do damn frustrating. It’s as though they don’t care about their users at all.

The creator of this app is valuable person but unfortunatelly some team members are just trash.
İ sometimes really want to learn software language in somehow to help to see this beautifull app in a better condition.

You can continue with such rude comments, isaatalay42, if you think the internet is a dumping ground for you to vent your emotions,you will not be welcome on any forum in the world that supports rational communication.


Sir would you like to answer me please?

One of my colleague will get back to you in the next couple of days, I’m mainly responsible for Applescript related issues.

Probably depends on what you want to do.
Liquid Text seemed similar.

I tend to use desktop apps and I found my happy place with three software packages:

  1. allows me to save videos online and offline, transcribe them, and add chapter markers and notes. Because it saves a local copy of the notes and videos, I am able to then use
  2. DEVONthink 3 to index the descript folder and search anything that I noted in the video with keywords like NEAR. Plus I can tag and link anything I create or save from the web to the notes I take in Descript. DevonTHINK doesn’t have drawing tools like MarginNote, and the video drawing tools on Descript are pretty limited for now (circles, rectangles, arrows), so I use
  3. for the drawings and then I just save and tag the URLs that I create there inside the DEVONthink database.

So one place for all the research and it works really well. Plus, DEVONthink supports a server version and an iOS version. You can sync and carry your database with you on your iPad or iPhone and you can also setup a web address to access your database or let others do that. Simply create a cloudflare site ( and then turn on the DEVONthink server and open the ports on your home router. You can then access your database behind https links from any windows pc or tablet/telephone browser.


Now It has been about two weeks no one responded me from margin note team regarding my query.


Hello, there are plans that will be announced in time ~

Kind Regards,
Support Team

When we can expect Margin note 4?

Sorry Adi, but what reason is behind this question? If I have a problem using MN or found a bug I appreciate a fast answer as probably I want to proceed with my work.
Waiting for a new version only makes sense to me if I urgently need a feature not present now (but announced to be there). Without this background asking for “a new version” seems to me to be rather thoughtless.

@hermannkm, I believe this may help you understand why some of us are getting increasingly curious:

Posted in Sep 2020 by Lanco_Support-Team Product Manager in another thread of this forum:

"We are working on a new software based on the latest features of IOS14, with Pencilkit natural gesture scribbling, improved note data structure, system files integration and sidebar, we are calling it marginsketch.

We are also trying to improve some of the problems with MarginNote by refactoring MarginNote 4, the old framework and data structure makes some changes difficult to make, we will try our best to fix the existing shortcomings of MarginNote 3 as much as the framework allows, including sync, file management, tagging and filtering, etc"

I am in the trial mode and obviously not super excited to pay for something that was deemed unfixable two years ago!

And I would like to add: the app looks promissing but I find it hard to understand the workings, some detailed documentation would be great. It is hard to believe that some team works so hard to have their app up and going but cares so little how users will be able to use it to its full potential.

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@iumbra – thanks for this clarification. I did not know this as I am using MN only since a few month (happily as I wrote elsewhere). Now I understand the talk about “version 4” which has a very specific meaning – which I clearly missed with my answer.
Reading your citation I have to admit that these points indeed are something to think about…
About documentation I agree with you (wrote this somewhere), screenshots with from Chinese version show there is much work to do. Like all I managed to understand very much, especially url-linking to other applications.

Hello, are we talking weeks, months or years, please? Because MarginnNote 4 was announced to be on the way back in the autumn 2020. Could you please share the roadmap?

When you talk about roadmap or future of MarginNote, only thing that you can face is hopeless team members (not all of them) and ban of talk to make this topic silent.

Any update guys…? Regarding MN4 timeline