Margin notes exports to anki are slower in desktop

The cards we export to anki (esp the latest 2.41.43) version of excerpts and occlusions in particular are not just slower but fade away weirdly. When my friends use those cards in ankidroid, the cards keep flashing awkwardly in any direction as you move from one card to the other. Margin notes hasn’t improved on their exports since long time.
I’m also afraid with the newer versions of anki and ankimobile, if MN exports to anki will become dysfunctional because you guys haven’t been improving this crucial segment of the app.
My life and the entire career depends on these cards and anki. Should I proceed with making cards in your app? Would you be updating these exports with time?


Sorry for this inconvenience.

We have noticed this problem for Anki export and we are working on it.

Kind Regards,
Support Team