Marginnote 3.7 "Add to Mindmap" adds a note to miles away

When I’m focused in a child mindmap and I click “Add to Mindmap” for a newly selected excerpt in another window. Marginnote doesn’t add it to the child mindmap I am looking at. It actually adds the note to the parent mindmap that’s miles away from all the contents are. Why this is happening? It never happened before 3.7.

In addition, when I drag a note into a child mindmap (because it wasn’t added to the right place at first), it is added to a place miles away from the other contents I have in the child mindmap.

The funny thing is that in both cases the note is added miles away but one of them is located on the upper left corner while the other is on the lower right. I have to zoom out a lot and navigate around to find them…

After trying it for a few days, this “Child Mindmap” thing is more like a bug than a feature to me.

Is there a way to go back to an older version? This problem is driving me crazy. I tried different ways of working around it but none of them worked. Now my “Add to Mindmap” is totally useless because no matter where I am in the mindmap or the PDF, and no matter what settings of the mindmaps are, it always adds the note to the far corners of the root mind map. In addition, adding nodes by drag and drop is far less useful because you have to drag right after selecting the text. There’s no way to drag an excerpt that’s not in the mind map into the mind map.

Save me, please.

Is this happening to all your notebooks? I am unable to reproduce the problem you are experiencing on my device.


I think I figured out why this happens. It happens when you have two windows opened for the same document, one of them showing the document and the other one showing the mindmap. There’s a bug in the latest child mindmap code that doesn’t synchronize mind map views in these two windows across the parent-child mind maps hierarchy. As a result, when you navigate into a child mindmap in the mind map of the second window, the hidden mind map location in the first window isn’t updated. Then, when you add nodes with the first window, the node is added to the parent mind map where you can’t see from the first window.

The workaround right now is to stop using this child mind map feature (bug) :slight_smile:

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