MarginNote 3 MacOS Share Sheet doesn't like PDFs

When I have a PDF open in Safari and I use the share sheet to send it to MarginNote it goes through the motions, even puts up the “Importing” HUD, but never actually imports the PDF.

Please consider “fixing” this to either catch that is cannot import and provide an informational error message or actually import the PDF (please!)

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Hi Mikesale,

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Thanks for your report. I will test this issue later. What’s your MacOS version? Is it Catalina?

Support Team

It is Catalina 10.15

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I’m not very clear about how you share the PDF from Safari. My operation is using print as pdf and open it with Marginnote. It would be nice to solve if you could provide the screenshots.

That is a fine workaround, but expecting everyone to remember that is a workaround only makes sense if you add it to an error message when someone performs the sharesheet action. Hence the reason I stated to begin with: Improve the error message or just make it work.

Got it. I’m not very clear what’s the sharesheet as you mentioned. A screenshot will be helpful. Thank you!