MarginNote 3 Search Function suddenly problematic

Hello, I am using MacOS and the latest version of MarginNote3. When I attempt to search document highlighted notes it returns blanks underneath each document. Each blank when clicked goes to an appropriate search result but it does not display the text. It will however return “clips” of images. Search functions in documents or for “name” works without any issue. Selecting a hashtag works as well, but searching for text in addition to the tag results in blank returns like the screenshot.

I am at a loss how to fix this. Any help will be appreciated. Screenshot attached.

Additional details (all with no success):
Works perfectly on a synced IPAD
Deleted Temp Storage and ran Defrag
Restarted multiple times
Deleted and reinstalled MarginNote3 twice


Hello, this is a known bug related to fonts and is expected to be fixed in the next version. You can switch to the settings in the image and try again, or expand the search results.


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Great thank you very much!