MarginNote 3 upgrade to MarginNote 4 Not Free anymore?

I thought it was a free upgrade.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 12.58.08 AM


It’s free, you can upgrade to 4 for free if you buy 3 on iPad.

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Support Team

I need help with this too. I was able to upgrade for free from MarginNote 3 on the iPad to MarginNote 4.

However, I am not able to upgrade for free from MarginNote 3 on macOS. On macOS, I had purchased the version of MarginNote directly from the website, and not from App Store. When I open MarginNote 4 on macOS and I click Restore Purchase to get the free upgrade, it says I need to select either the free trial or buy version 4. Why is that?

I can see that my version of MarginNote 3 for macOS is version 3.7.25 which is the latest non-App store version. But, the version available from Mac App store is v 3.7.26. For the macOS version that was bought from the independent store, will you upgrade the version of 3.7.26 so that we can upgrade to version 4 on the Mac for free?