So excited right now. Landing page and design seems quite promising.
Come aboard!

Although I haven’t start using it, and not sure how MN4 experience would be, at least today, I feels like time I’ve been waiting for so long is finally worth it.

I hope there will be official announcement about MN4 updates soon.
Thanks for the MN team.


Loving it so far! What an update, everything looks great so far. Just hoping it’ll come out for iPhone as well as iPad :crossed_fingers:

Same here, my first impression after initial testing on macOS and iPad is that this is a huge upgrade in terms of functionality and UX.

Looks very, very promising!!

Waiting to migrate everything until the iPhone version has also become available. Probably it’s still stuck in Apple’s review process.

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please inform if mouse scroll is working on version 4 on mac.
in my case mouse scroll option was lost after upgrade from 3 to 4 MAX. very annoying

Anybody knows what “External File Source” with Zotero means? I mean I can actually point marginnote to the cryptic local Zotero File Path with random Number/Letter-Combinations but that’s super-inconvient and annotations still can’t be synced between these two, right? (This sync would be a dream though.)

Hey @Support-Team, could you help me with that Zotero-Question? Unfortunately your manual is also not reachable…

Hey, this is pretty straightforward. Have you tried setting an external folder? It simply makes documents in that folder available within MarginNote. Those documents behave the same as those in the local folder

Thanks! So it’s more a shared source forder thing but Marginnote doesn’t have Zotero’s annotations (like the Zotlit plugin in Obsidian).

For anyone interested, this is translated manual for Zotero-Marginnote from the chinese manual which seems to be partly online again.

Would be great to see Zotero and Marginnote synchronise annotations in the future! The perspective of having Marginnote as kinda the annotation editor for Zotero would be really awesome.


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I would like to also please ask for full zotero support. And i am not sure i understand the ai excerpt mentioned. Could someone please explain what is it supposed to be helping with?