MarginNote 4 local or iCloud

Hey guys,
I am completely confused about MN4 and how to use the local and the iCloud folder.
Basically I want do not want to have the books as double versions on my Computer and iPad. However, I want them to synchronise and my mind maps being synchronised.
So what kind of settings should I have???


Under ‘settings’ there is a data group with an iCloud section. Check ‘import to iCloud folder by default’. That should solve your issue. Like you I don’t want documents on ‘Local Folder’.

Thank you very much for your help. :pray:

For now, I guess icloud is the only option between macos and ipad. I tried to use other shared folders by adding external folders. (in case anything happen to the cloud, I could still find my files in my shared drive.) It works on my mac but the support team said adding external folders in ipad is not available yet.

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Thanks for the info about other possibilities.

Sorry, but I still do not get it after I read the prompt. When activating the iCloud Folder a prompt shows saying, that this folder is only to store the original documents, but not any note or changes in notes and documents. So I am really confused how to use MN4 with synching without having all my documents doubled and have everything synched ???

Not sure if this helps but:

  • the original documents are the PDFs that are untouched originals. No highlights are stored in the PDF itself.
  • the highlights, mind maps, etc are stored (and synced) in a separate file. These are linked to (wherever) the documents are stored.

If your documents (PDFs) are stored in iCloud then they are in iCloud (and technically on all your devices that you sync iCloud with) but that is kind of a given. Technically they are on all of your devices in a folder that is also in the cloud. They are “duplicated” but not in the sense of them being in iCloud AND some other folder on your hard drive. “Not duplicated” is used to describe files (PDFs) in iCloud.

The notes you make are in a separate file that you cannot see on your iCloud Drive. That is what the message is referring to. What the dialog is telling you is that if you copy one of those files (PDFs) out of your iCloud folder, then it won’t have any highlights or notations in it.

Sorry, that might not answer your question but feel free to ask for clarification. MN4 MAX now has a way to have multiple “notes and mind map” storage files which makes things stupidly confusing.

Also, after the PDF has been copied to iCloud, it is on you to go delete the original file so as to not have duplicates.

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Thanks. Good explanation, saved me trying to explain that.