MarginNote 4 Sync

Hi, has anyone worked out how to sync documents between devices? I am working with a mini iPad and a bigger iPad. I chose ‘upload all to iCloud’ by default, and the docs I want to sync have got the cloud symbol on them, but on the bigger iPad I see an ‘empty’ document - I can see the annotations but not the pdf itself.

Also, my bigger iPad only has a local folder, not the iCloud folder.

And then I found something about databases and got really confused.

I just want to be able to reliably create a set of documents and notes and have them all automatically sync. How do I do this, please?

I have seen this when synching between the iPad and the beta MN4 versions I have on two computers. There seems to be a bit of a lag when synching documents however it has always resolved itself with enough time (sometimes several minutes). I’ve looked in the iCloud folder on the computer and it doesn’t contain the document (PDF) and then a few minutes later it is there.

I have immense distrust concerning iCloud and synching between devices but that is neither here nor there, it’s just that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen such laggy behaviour and it is present in many other apps as well (many apps also work just fine with it).

The databases thing is confusing but I think it refers to the “annotations, mind map structures, cards, etc…”, meaning everything that you see in MarginNote that is not a PDF. I’m guessing here but that was my assumption anyway.

Thank you.

This is definitively bit something that resolves after a few minutes - is been over a day now.

What I’ve noticed is that the larger iPad is not syncing documents that were added on the smaller iPad. In the iCloud folder (that has now appeared, at least) there’s a document that I added on the bigger iPad (that did seem to sync to the smaller one) but not the two added on the smaller iPad.

All documents exists in iCloud itself.

When i look into the study set, i see that the two missing documents need rebinding - so it across that they should be there but they are not syncing through. I can’t find them because they’re not syncing through :joy: they’re just not there.

As far as I can see, the setting on both devices are the same. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Marginnote on the bigger iPad but got the same result.

I created a new study set and tried again. Again, documents synced ok from big iPad to little iPad.

One document synced from little iPad to big one, but another document had the same issue: there’s a placeholder for it in the study set with the sign to say it needs rebinding. The document doesn’t appear in the iCloud folder within MarginNote, but it is in the actual iCloud folder when viewed in the Files app. It’s now been several hours, so it’s not just a delay.

I guess I’ll have to contact support.

Update: I ‘think’ I got it sorted. My iCloud on the bigger iPad seemed to be permanently stuck on uploading something, and it affected all iCloud integrated apps. I logged out of and back into iCloud and documents seem to be syncing okay now.

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