MarginNote and Notion


I saw discussions of Notion integration here and there, and yes there seems to be workarounds to embed URI’s to Notion via some third party link shorteners - but I was not sure what is the status of these now.

So: could someone link me to some resources of how to use MN with Notion? I mean for example,

  • Can I export all the annotations of a document and upload them to Notion?
  • What would be the most straight-forward way to add links from MN to Notion (on Mac)
  • Other examples of workflows would be appreciated also.

Thanks in advance!

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Just curious ; Why notion instead of Obsidian?

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To tell the truth: I really wanted to like Obsidian, and tried to use it for several months, but it just did not work for me, now. I like the idea of privacy and they have some cool plugins which enable (in theory) e.g. actually calculating graph stats of your notes and so on.

But, in practise, many of the plugins I tried to use were quite unstable. E.g. annotating the PDF’s inside Obsidian crashed often. When I tried to merge some of my notes I got permanent errors. And so on.

I guess I’ll try it again after a while, but for now, I’ve wasted enough time struggling to make even simple integrations from citation manager softwares (mainly Zotero) to work.

Or actually, I’ll go for Logsec next :slight_smile:


Could you someone use MN app as a note taking app instead of Obsidian, Notion? What is the thing that you can do in Obsidian but you can not in MN as a speciality.
Especially for link specialities of text. What could be added in MN as speciality with perspective of Obsidian and Notion user.
İ m asking this for guiding awereness of improvement of app.

Thank you

Same question here. Just want to get this conversation going. If anyone knows how to use MN’s URL schema in Notion or have other suggested app that works well cross platform please let me know.

@isaatalay42 For me I really enjoy MN but the mind map and outline vibe in MN really doesn’t work for me. For me writing down and organising my thoughts in a markdown docs help the most. I’ve tried to switch from markdown to only use MN for a year but it really doesn’t help my study. So I now switch back to use markdown app like Bear or Typora to take most notes. At the same time I stores all lecture notes / papers in MN excerpt and copy their URL schema link in the markdown docs. This way I can quickly jump back to the right place in MN. Imagine you are doing a literature review, the best way for this is organising ideas in sentences and paragraphs not mind maps and linked cards, if that help you understand why I need to link MN to a markdown app.

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“the best way for this is organising ideas in sentences and paragraphs not mind maps and linked cards, if that help you understand why I need to link MN to a markdown app”

So good to hear.
İ m haard time to focus on organizing mind maps and getting a regular text from it.
We focus on so much on nodes (sentences in other worf) that leads we forget on how to make paragraphs.
İ agreed.
İ d like to hear more about this if u have time

In my opinion Marginnote is only good for making notes using multiple sources. After making a note I store the note as text in Notion or remnote. Mindmaps in MN are not so good to review. The spaced repetition system in MN is also useless.

This was a question I had, too, as I consider signing up for Scrintal. MN lacks the note taking tools. Each node can’t contain formatted text, for example. If each node could be edited like a document in Notion or Scrintal, then it would shine as a note taking tool. I can’t see past using MN as an excellent tool to parse long PDFs, myself.