MarginNote as primary application to read books

I really enjoy being able to annotate PDFs within Marginnote and found it to handle large documents very well in my Master’s studies. I would like to use Marginnote for all my book readings. When buying an eBook, it possesses DRM which should be removed when converting it to PDF (and then importing into Marginnote). This feels like a tedious process and may cause rendering issues.

Do any of you use Marginnote as your primary application for reading books? How do you go about managing the above process? If not, what do you use?

Thank you

there is a way to remove DRM from your epubs and PDFs (check out calibre’s deDRM plugin)

Thanks @sam, does it work 100% of the time without PDF rendering issues? Would it work when buying Kindle eBooks?

Do you use MN as your primary app for reading and annotating books?

It’s never failed for me, and I don’t think the process of removing DRM affects the PDF rendering itself, just the DRM. Kindle can be tricky because amazon recently updated how their ebooks files are downloaded to the system so it can be hard to find the actual file. If you look around the web, there are tools that address this, like epubor but this is all entering gray territory.

I do use MN as my primary app, for reading journals, textbooks, novels, etc., mostly for the annotation and mindmapping capabilities.

Much appreciated, @sam! It helps a lot and I feel more comfortable committing to MN

Would be great to hear other’s experience and preferences