MarginNote for Academic workflows

I’m wondering if MarginNote is going to adapt some of LiquidTexts incredible features that are especially helpful for academic research and focused reading and annotation?

I’m thinking of the easy way of linking with the pencil, overviewing all highlights, squeezing the document and also the “liquid way” of connecting boxes.

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Also their exports do a great job of referencing the sources. I definitely prefer MN’s more compact and efficient way of working with large bodies of text.

You can use the iPad to pencil-link two topics but it’s not super clear nor as fluid as LT. Also, I think LT’s board gets rather cluttered. While I do love the free nature of movement in LT I think it quickly gets bogged down when working with large bodies of work. That is probably more my fault with not coming to terms with its UI than it is due to anything else.

I agree MN is pretty good with large bodies of texts, I just think it is more distracting than LT in academic research.
LT lets you focus on reading and thinking, because you can easily link, organise and overview your annotations with minimal distraction.
And you can actually sync pdf annotation with Zotero.

I bought both MN and LT, but I end up using none of them. I use Zotero+zotfile and pdfexpert or any other pdf reader on the iPad.

Blockquote And you can actually sync pdf annotation with Zotero.

MN also syncs annotation with Zotero unless you highlight not excerpt.

It’s funny, I can’t get on with LT at all. I just end up with a cluttered workspace that visually overwhelms me.

I used to find MN too clunky to use but I feel this has improved slightly recently - I’m still evaluating my use of it, though.