MarginNote for MacOS does not open the last viewed book or notebook

I noticed that MarginNote 3 no longer restarts at the last viewed book or notebook. Whenever I quit MarginNote and launch it again, it always opens a particular notebook regardless of the last opened book or notebook before quitting. For example, I have book A and book B in the library and the last book that I opened was book B. After quitting MarginNote and restarting it, it opens book A and not B.
Is there an option to reopen the last viewed book or notebook.

Hello, msh,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum and thanks for the information provided. We have repeated the steps you mentioned several times, but these tests didn’t show any wrong. So if you still encounter the same problems, please give us more detailed information and screenshots are recommended.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Hi Bryan,

I found a workaround the problem. I used CleanMyMac software to “reset” MarginNote 3 by removing the supporting files and folder. Now, when I open Marginnote it display the last opened book or notebook.

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