MarginNote Keyboard Shortcut Updates

A suggestion, please could you kindly pin the full list of M.N keyboard shortcuts in this forum and keep them updated monthly or even every 2 weeks, this would really help everyone’s workflow.

Hi Rebs,

The shortcuts in the different interface of a same software is also distinct.Generally we use press and hold command key which in the Microsoft keyboard is called windows key like pic. below.u%3D82096452%2C2320188695%26fm%3D15%26gp%3D0 u%3D414024990%2C3015438024%26fm%3D26%26gp%3D0
We will update the shortcuts by this ios shortcuts universal index entrance.

If you’re using a mac, you will get the same experience by an extension cheatsheet for mac.
Most of apple platform apps support this feature.

Best regards,
Support Team

OK :ok_hand: thxs, I suppose I wanted a key/guide for editing purposes, a google search just led me to Mac keyboard shortcuts

I thought M.N was using specific keyboard commands?

Is this available anywhere yet? I can’t figure out how to move between highlights on the keyboard. Scrolling is annoying because the highlights render after having stopped scrolling.

Seems I need to click on ‘NOTES’ and have one selected, then the arrows move between the notes.