Marginnotes for ipad vs Mac


I am a windows user and was very impressed by marginnotes for ipad.
Because of which I have shifted all my books to marginnotes.

I was wondering what new opportunities buying a Mac and getting marginnotes for it would open for me.

Could you please compare marginnotes for mac and ipad? How exactly are they different - both feature wise and in user experience?
DOes their synergy open any major new possibilities?
How is the mac marginnotes better than ipads?

They’re essentially identical but different workflows in terms of space (external monitors) and efficiency (mouse and keyboard is superior to iPad).

If I’m just reading one document and taking notes, I find the iPad the better option. Once it comes to mindmap, alternate documents and in general do real work, I find the Desktop app much more efficient. YMMV

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These are notable differences:

1. You could write with Apple Pencil on the iOS version, which obviously is something that you cannot do on the Mac. (You can draw with a mouse, but )

2. The iOS version has a subscription service called OCR Pro, which, unfortunately, we are unable to offer on the Mac.

Otherwise, these two versions are relatively identical, with the Mac version supporting larger screens and better shortcuts. It's also much more convenient to type on the Mac.

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I would not buy a Mac just to run MarginNote as a companion to the iPad version. Also, while I find the iPad version of MarginNote to be useful at times, I find no utility for MarginNote on the Mac. This is because MarginNote flattens its annotations and therefore offers no way to fit in with any of my other apps that fully recognize annotations among each other.


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