Medicine & Surgery Workflow

I started using MarginNote3 recently, today there are 1116 books and others on it in the Document Mode, more than that on both study and review mode… it slows down sometimes but I think it’s benefits outweighed the problems I faced.

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I use it for medicine as well and have around the same amount of books. I avoid brining all of the books into margin note unless i need to as it clogs up the app. the issue i find is that i dont have a way of bringing the notes ive made from margin note into one note or anything else i use to store my notes because it gets rid of all the heirarchy and organisation you do once you export it.

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Hello! If you need to export some of your selected notes to Word, here are two ways to do it for now.

  1. Export the selected notes to a new notebook, and then open this new notebook to export the selected notes. You can delete the new notebook after exporting the notes and getting Word.
    2.If the selected cards are located under the same parent node, you can select them by entering focus mode and then using the Export to Word feature, Marginnote will export your notes under this branch for you!
    I hope this will help you.