Merge title note

Allow to merge notes automatically based on title.
As the new feature of Link and creating dictionary allows to access all notes with a particular title ,in the same fashion give option to merge them with new note of same title
This will help in keeping all info on particular topic in one place


There is a feature to create a dictionary?

But that doesn’t allow consolidated export of a topic
A topic spread through different study areas can be reviewed using dictionary function but all viewed notes can’t be exported as a single file/ outline

I wasn’t suggesting creating a new dictionary. I was asking if there is such a feature. I don’t think I’ve encountered it. I would love to be able to make a “card deck” of definitions across multiple books and if I run across one of the words in a new book, highlight it and use the already-made card (from a previous book) as a note in the new book.

You can do much more than that
Use “title link” feature
If you go to ‘dictionaries for title link’ it will add all mindmap nodes of a particular study to dictionary with title being the ‘word’ you will look for.
In next study area turn on title link feature. This will show underlined words / phrases having reference to other mindmaps
It will work as a dictionary of concepts/words/anything
For reference watch tutorial video on MARGINNOTE Twitter

But still it doesn’t allow to use older notes as new cards directly
We have to drag n drop
That’s tedious

Thank you very much. Would you mind posting some screenshots or a how-to Guide? What constitutes “older notes”? Those imported from MN 2? Or something else?

Hello, Spd04. Thank you for sharing your ideas and I will document this advice faithfully.But I feel we should perhaps be a little more cautious about card merging.

The current card in Marginnote is made up of three parts, which are the title field, the excerpt field, and the annotation field. If you do a card merge, all three fields of the merged card become annotation fields.


Good to understand how it works.
But can we implement a node system where all notes with same title or so are filed in one place as children node to same titled mother node
It’s like centralisation of name named or similar title links/nodes across different study books.
This could be helpful in managing syllabus with divisions, sub divisions and further divisions of topics.
Did I get my point across or not?
I hope so.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll mention that to the developers.