Merge two text highlights on ipad


It is often the case that a definition is split by a lot of words in between. This brings the need to select two pieces of highlighted texts and merge them so that when I add them to the mindmap, it generates only one node.

But on an Ipad, I was only able to do this once by accident. I do not know how I can select multiple pieces of highlighted texts (in the reading panel). Does anyone know?


Did you ever figure this out? I can’t figure out how to merge text on my iPad.


It is possible!

  1. Tap on mind map node 1 (first highlight)
  2. Tap select (bottom left)
  3. Tap on mind map node 2 (second highlight)
  4. Tap on merge

What this will do, is merge 2 separate highlights into 1 node. This also works for more than 2 nodes.

What you can also do, is drag a child node into the parent node. I’m not sure if the “drag selection to mindmap” options of “add as child” or “merge into” is working as intended.

Edit 2:

  1. Tap select on the bottom left
  2. tap on which ever nodes you want to merge.
  3. Tap merge in the black popup menu


That worked! Thanks.

Is there a way to merge that keeps the title? When I merged everything was moved into the comments.