Merged annotations & exerpts

I imported one large PDF as my document and have lots of mindmaps created on different topics out of this main PDF. How do I ensure that any annotation or excerpt note ( even if the excerpt was not added to any mind map) that is created either in the main document, or while working from the study mode in the document, is all reflected in one main doc notebook that will contain all and every annotation or excerpt made in any study mode nodemap? Hope the question is clear enough. What currently I do is to merge all the mindnodes and to keep all the annotations. In document mode, I then select this merged doc from the layers. I also then delete the previous merged doc notebook to save space. Is there an easier way?

Hello, nelpjvet,
Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. I think you want all your excerptions & annotations in other doc notebooks integrated to one doc notebook. But I’m sorry that MN3 doesn’t provide users a convenient way to make it; the best way is what you have mentioned