Merging 2 notebooks create a disaster

Hi all,
I just tried to merge 2 notebooks, but the result was a disaster. The notes from the 1st and the 2nd notebook were just simply laying on top of each other and it is a hassle to rearrange everything. Fortunately I did keep both of the original files.
Is there a possibility to do that in a better way? Is it possible to merge one notebook as a child mindmap? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Sorry, there's no better way now.

You can move the position of the original mindmap, because the merging happens according to the cordinates.

Or, you can try to open two windows of marginnote. Use "Drag" tab in the corner of the mindmap. Choose "Drag nodes as CUT". Then you can move the nodes to the other notebooks.

Sorry again for your bad experience.

Kind Regards,
Support Team