Mind Map nodes in Night theme unreadable due to white text on white background

I just started experimenting with MarginNote 3, and while the Mind Map feature is generally excellent, I have come across a bit of an issue in the Night theme: text nodes have a light-grey background and white text by default, making the text almost unreadable. I can get around this by changing the theme every time I use the Mind Map, but I would rather stay in Night mode the whole time if possible.

Are there any workarounds for this? I haven’t been able to find an option to change the default text/node colour.

Thank you.

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Same problem here, and I just change to the default theme (white).

If the developers plan to work on this, besides enhancing the contrast between background and text, I think thickening the text in mindmap and even the books should help (the text in the books are unclear too)


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The text fronts in Mindmap will be adjustable after the next several updates, as since 3.5 the changes have taken effect in comments of Mindmap viewer and also excerpts of node/card editor.

We will continue to search and fix the missing error with Dark mode. Some screenshots may help a lot to do so. Thanks for your report!

Support Team

Here is a screenshot of Mind Map nodes in Night Mode:

It would also be useful to be able to change the default text size for comments. Currently, the title text is massive, while the comment text is very small:

Thank you.

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By the way, is this Mac version?

Yes, the screenshots are from the Mac version. I also use the iPad and iPhone version. :slight_smile: