Mind Palace technique and MN

Have you heard “Mind palace technique/Sherlock Holmes method”
It’s very useful and basic technique for remembering information.
If you haven’t look at here

The method combines pictures with certain locations.
So shortly; If we get the “information picture” on the “location picture”. (Like adding image on google street view ), the method works perfectly.

For Information pictures; we can create from own notes or add from images
For location pictures (it needs to be familiar) : we can use our own house pictures or Google street view Pictures.( I know it’s sounds awkward but you really surprise which locations people use…

What I want to talk about is:
MN could be more suitable for usage this method. This app already has own advantages like research button and drawing pictures from wep…
if we can create background at the mind map screen (with pictures or our own drawings), so we can add child note information on the background image like making a puzzle.
So the mind map screen must be more flexible, IF;

  • Users can add image on another image. (Like a Adobe apps Or pages app )
  • Users can make image more and more bigger.
  • Users can create drawings on free mind map screen.

I wish This method could be implemented on to MN soon…



I’m intereted in this memory technique to pass the exam I’ve been studying. Have you ever tried once? If you have, I’m wondering if it works for you.

I tried it for studying surgery >> I took pictures of different rooms of my house and put them on a map of the house (a sketchy) then import to pdf >> and excerpt each station (furniture) and put an info related to it … and I review them using anki or mn3 (review) … but it didn’t work for me cause I felt that I don’t need to memorize things it just goes in my head, but you can try this it may work for you… Good luck

Yes I tried at my exam

It’s working definitely. Because our mind uses imagination images for learning even if are aware or not. For example: Think about the describing clown to someone who hasn’t seen yet ,would you want you picture or you want use text ?

its lowering the need of reviewing for information and the biggest thing is making learning process fun. You are like a watching film when you are reviewing.

Firstly I try to convert Information to the picture, using wep image by drawing them into mind map screen (the speed is based on your imagination)

After I use google street view. ( because the home is not enough for big memorisation). I take screen shots (every picture has 5 places for information). Than I make it pdf from them so I can send MarginNote.

So I combine the pictures that I found (from wep) to the places that I created (From street view)

The problem is here I cant make combining process like a puzzle. I can just add them as a child note. If we can use background image at the mind map screen the problem d be solved… And I d use this new information in the spaced repetition (in the review parts of MN)


Thanks for your explanation. That helped me a lot. :grinning:

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