Mindmap in study

Allow to create standalone mindmaps to start with , without the need to have a primary document
This could be really helpful
And will replace third party mindmap apps
MN 3 already allows mind maps
Why not standalone?

What does stand alone mind map means

Similar to Mindmaps in apps like ithoughts/ xmind
A mindmap created by us without having to add excerpts after importing pdfs. example by typing in blank node and arranging them

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This would also fit with supporting Zettlekasten (search the forum, there have been a number of posts on this topic), or other note-taking systems.

Hello, Spd04. We currently support the creation of a new blank notebook with a node in it. If this doesn’t live up to your expectations, would you like to describe your use case?


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Simple brain storming
Instead of using excerpts.
For example When I study economics
Making subsections like social sector, financial market,theories and further classify them
After brainstorming I would like to create different studies for different topics
Then integrate these with the first mindmap
This first mindmap kind of acts like a to do list/ topics/table of contents for that subject
I could easily navigate through all my notes without using search and tag function
And a comprehensive knowledge database could be developed (best thing it’s structured as hell) without using any other mindmap app/third party software to organise all the stuff.
And allow to merge or edit all notes spread through different study books in a single place to consolidate that particular topic
As of now I export to Evernote and arrange there ,sometimes use ithoughts/omnioutliner
A standalone mindmapping workspace could integrate different documents, study books across different folders giving coherence to database,removing notes duplication and become a solid revision tool.

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@Spd04, have you looked at the Zettlekasten system? What if MarginNote supported something like that?

I have.
There are some basic principles to implement
As of reading other popular threads on zettlekasten , I get a sense that developers are trying to incorporate this in marginnote.
It would be great feat and can make mn 3 even best app for study by far.
Possibly we can see some add on plugins in near future

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