Mindmap: Shapes, icons and layout options

I. Shapes

It would be great if you could add more shapes to the mind map option. Right now I need to export to iThoughts to properly format the Mindmap with different shapes. These help in seeing hierarchies in the structure of the mind map and retain (and recall) the information within it.

Realistically, this is possible in title-only mode with most shapes or with a more limited number of shapes to still include the notes when not in title-only mode.

II. Icons

To help with classifying and thus retaining / being able to recall information, I add icons as emojis to my mind maps. Some programs allow me to add these “natively” within the program. This might be worth considering.

III. Layout options

Right now there are no “standard” mindmap types such as the regular horizontal mindmap available. I prefer the horizontal type in the picture below for most mind maps as it allows some information to be more compact / easier to remember (especially in focus mode).

As you can tell, right now I have to export the mind map to iThoughts for some features, which means that I create two different Mindmaps instead of a “single source of truth”.


Hi Nils,

Your request has been recorded into our Mindmap improvement board list. We do have the long-term plan on layout option optimization. Thanks for your thoughtful advice. Your screenshot helps a lot to understand.

Kind regards,
Support Team

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Great ideas, Nils

In case you haven’t found it, there is a vertical mindmap mode:

More layout options would definitely be welcome.