MN 4 questions

Started playing with MN 4 after using 3 for a long time. Here are a few general questions, but I am yet to try any of the new features…

Importing is buggy and I had to try, delete, retry a few times to get it to work (I think successfully), I did find that quitting the app and reopening it got things syncing fully. I was unable to get it working at all on macOS, but successfully on iPadOS.

On that… There’s now the difference between local and iCloud folders, I want everything in iCloud so it syncs, like was possible in version 3. Despite setting all settings to use iCloud, the import brought everything into the local folders. How do I now move them to iCloud? Nothing is obvious.

That’s it for now, when I have files in the right places I can dig in more.

I figured out the move issue, you have to go backwards in the move dialog to find iCloud…

Same here with the importing issue.
I had huge 400GB MN backup file.

Native transfer function on Mac won’t work, but iPad did.
So for Mac, I had to export backup file to external SSD, and then open it up with MN4 on mac.

I’m also confused with ‘Local’ and ‘iCloud’ folder.
Just like you, all the imported files went to ‘Local’ folder.

If I just want everything synced, just like MN3, should I manually move them to iCloud folder, or is it just fine with StudySet being synced?

Does StudySet with iCloud synced includes documents file in StudySet being synced?
It’s quite confusing.

I was able to move things from local to cloud and then they showed up on my Mac.


To do so the option is a bit hidden, when you move you only see local folder, you have to click back in the pop up to see the cloud location. Also… you can’t do it in bulk! You have to do it file by file.

I am also a bit confused by the new “data model”, but haven’t really had the time to dig in yet.

So until I sync the local file (which is at StudySet, synced), even if I edit document file in StudySet, the local file won’t be changed since it’s not synced…?

@Support-Team @Relight_Support-Team
What’s the ‘Document Notebook’ in MN4?
Looks like ‘Document’ section has disappeared. Does StudySet include ‘Mindmap + Document’ ?
I’m quite confused.