【MN Official Add-on】May 7th, Ver1.1.3: DeepL, a neural network translator with unprecedented quality


This plugin provides a real-time, selection-based translator using DeepL. It uses neural networks and machine learning to produce translations of unprecedented quality.


May 7th
Follow DeepL API updates

Bug fixes

Internal testing, bug fixes


Marginnote or higher


  1. Download to your local disk, then select “open in Marginnote” in the Apple “Share” menu.
  2. When updating add-ons, choose “replace” when prompted with “the add-on already exists”.
  3. Add-ons can be managed in the main menu. After opening the learning mode will the add-on button appear.


deepl.mnaddon (6.0 KB)


are these addons available to use on iOS as with mac?

Yes,of course. The addons are universal for MN IOS and Mac.

That’s an impressive new feature !

@Lanco_Support-Team or @Kevin_Support-Team, I was looking at the main.js file inside the add-on. What technologies are involved in it ?

Is Swift knowledge (and JS of course) needed for the creation of add-ons or scripting MarginNote ?

It is a really great feature! Is it possible to add hungarian language somehow?

Swift is not needed. Javascript is used for add-ons or general scripting.

Hi, basically the development of add-ons is based on JSExport Protocol.
In practice, you need to use javascript to ‘invoke’ Objective-C (knowledge of iOS development is more important than javascript in this context). just refer to this: https://github.com/kishikawakatsumi/JavaScriptBridge