【MN Official Add-on】May 8th, Beta1.0.2: CKEditor, a simple and easy card editor for tables and equations


This plugin provides a CKEditor-based HTML editor for your cards. It gives you simple and easy card editing, including tables, equations and more, without learning Markdown.

User Interface
Table editing
Equation editing


Marginnote 3.6.8 or higher


May 8th
Bug fixes
May 7th
Bug fixes


ckeditor.mnaddon (2.6 MB)

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Editor is stuck while filling table properties options

This issue is with all popup windows.

Pop up window stuck
While using link insertion function in editor

Please add a post explaining functionality of editor and feature
Mainly a how to description
Thank you

The stuck issue is fixed by 1.0.2

Yes, please.

Hi, I can’t seem to get the editor to come up in iOS. Instead, a popup appears that is completely white with no place to type. I’ve attached a screenshot of the behavior as well as what I believe is the equivalent from MarginNote 2 (which seems to match the screenshots you have above and works).

I’m on the newest version of MarginNote 3 and the extension. How can I get this working? This feature (+Markdown, which gives me the same issue) would make me finally switch to MarginNote 3.

@Lanco_Support-Team @Kevin_Support-Team

hello,it’s in here: