MN on Mac - Utilization of multiple screens

Good day,
I am wondering if it would be helpful to add two and more screens utilization. For instance, have open documents on one and mind map on another one. Might be a game changer for those of us who have multiple screens.


This feature is already in planning for build 3.5.

Support Team

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That’s great news! Thank you!

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:grinning: Very cool!

This is indeed very cool. Is this something that would work with the Sidecar feature in Catalina/iOS 13?

It’d be amazing to have the iPad have a document view for annotating, with the Mindmap shown on a bigger screen on the Mac,

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Luna Display might be the better option from what I can tell for now; especially without pinching to pan and zoom in Apple Sidecar.

Already support Sidecar and other new system features like mutil-window in Sep update preparation.

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