【MN Third-Party Add-on】 June. 16th, Beta 0.1: ReResearch, Similar to “Research”, but externally


This add-on is based on openURL: method of iOS.
It has similar function to the built-in “Research” — Searching for selected text with the specified service(Google, Quora, Google translate, DeepL, etc.). The difference is that it uses an external browser to open these services.
In addition to web pages, this add-on also provides support for the URL Scheme, which means you can directly open specified apps to process selected content (e.g. DEVONThink, Pleco, iTranslate).
(Besides, it can be used to wake up iOS Shortcuts app, but this is not practical given the limitations of the Shortcuts.)


  • Useful for small screen devices;
  • You can customize the services (web sites or apps) as you wish;


  • Only one service can be supported at a time;
  • Customization need to be done by modifying the code of main.js. (if you have ideas on how to customize add-on without modifying the source code, feel free to reply)


MarginNote or higher
For both macOS and iOS(iPadOS) MarginNote


Download and import to MarginNote like official add-ons.
Make sure you have allowed uncertified extensions before importing!

MN on macOS

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 20.15.50

MN on iPadOS


open the main.js file with a code editor (e.g. VS Code, Sublime Text), and replace the URL after var baseUrl= with the url you need. Then repackaging.


Google Search:
reResearch_Google_0.1.mnaddon (5.2 KB)

reResearch_deepl_0.1.mnaddon (5.2 KB)


How to allow uncertified extensions?
Which settings to change ?

We’ll be posting a translation of the full guide later today. Now you could check settings within menu button at the bottom left of the home page.

I see in the video instant copy. That would be really helpful could you share the link?

Here is a basic version. The text will copied to clipboard once selected.
(document only, doesn’t support MindMap)
InstantCopy_0.1.mnaddon (3.5 KB)

If you want to copy text in mindmaps or excerpts, try this version improved by other developer: https://bbs.marginnote.cn/t/topic/6880/45


Highly Appreciated!!!

Tried editing the .js but my edit crashes mn. What is the correct way to repackage? I just zipped and renamed the extension. :man_shrugging:

You have to compress all files in the root folder (root folder of the project, not the system), then rename the zip file.