【MN Third-Party Addon】Better experience for exporting, citing. Forked from CopySearch made by ourongxing

Hello, still remember me @jprint @JournoProf ? I haven’t been in here a long time for some reason. Now I’m back and tried to fullfill your needs through plugins. If there’s somethings wrong understanding, please tell me.


This plugin is mainly for connecting MN3 with other Software(support url scheme<for example: Devonthink3, Flomo etc.>) . This plugin makes it possible to export card in any formats with any content you want!


Append UUID and Citation

I remember you want to export cards and documents with uuid, now it’s possible to append uuid automatically after you excerpting like GIF shows. What’s more, you could append UUID to tag or comments.
截屏2022-03-05 01.05.07

Besides, I still remember @JournoProf said that he want citations to be shown in the card. Now you could set up citation and page offset first and the plugin will auto append {citation+page} in the card.
截屏2022-03-05 01.04.25

URLscheme for better exporting


I know MN3 is weak in exporting, this add-on gives you a choice to export your cards to other softwares(support urlscheme) with any other information you want.
This part is forked from Copysearch. You need to enter the {{variable}} you want into the URLscheme, and all variables supported are listed below:

Variable Remark
documentTitle the name of the document
notebookTitle the name of the notebookTitle
noteTitle the title of the note card
start_page excerption start page(page offset)
end_page excerption end page(page offset)
origin_start_page excerption origin start page
origin_end_page excerption origin end page(for file path)
excerptText_h All excerpts (images will be automatically OCR), with emphasis left by highlighting, can be easily pasted into software that supports Markdown
excerptText All excerptions
excerptText_h1 The first excerption,with emphasis
excerptText_1 The first excerption
tag_h All tags,with # ,split by comma(for DT3)
tag_1 All tags, split by comma
tag_h1 The first tag,with #
tag The first tag
comment All comments
comment_1 The first comment
comment_p All comments with base64 pic
now Current time
modifiedTime The time the card was created
createTime The time the card modified recently
link That is MNLink, you can jump back to the link of the card
notebookLink Notebook link
documentPath folder root path(for file path)
uuid uuid
quote citation set by users(append citations)
allText_h All text in the card, including excerpt comment tags, with emphasis
allText All text
allText_p All text with picture in base64 format(for DT3 markdown file)

for example


This will automatically create a markdown file to DT3.

Considering you may add more information to the card. I also provide you with another way to export these cards. Just tap on the button shown below and you can choose the method to export cards.

like this(you can see that the tag is also added to the file)

For more detail about URLscheme, you may need to read user guide. DT3 in Help→Devonthink3 Help. If you both use DTTG3, you need to read guide in DTTG3, which has a little bit difference with DT3 URLscheme.

Download and Try

researchtool_v1.0.0.mnaddon (9.7 KB)


Excellent plugin. I downloaded it and tried to install and got a Alert “Unable to load uncertified extension”. Anything that I need to do special?

Thanks! You ned to enable third party add-on.
Settings → Extensions

Thanks. I overlooked that option. Works now.

very nice step into a very promising direction :wink:
It was not easy to start - it took a while until I found the research tool icon and then trying the buttons with Chinese labels - but finally it worked for me.

My first findings:

  • please allow copy&paste for the URL scheme field
  • get a certificate for the extension. I still get a warning on every start of MN
  • I have to reenter (no copy&paste) the URL schema after every restart of MN…

But still this is a great piece of code! Thanks a lot.

Thank you! I will apply a certificate in next version.

Emmm… I think that each mindmap notebook could have its own URLscheme so when you open another notebook you need to reenter the URL. :sweat_smile:

Don’t think so - there is nothing specific in the scheme - nothing that belongs only to one notebook only - since you offer variables for the scheme (great!) - it’s a flexible format.
A nice add-on would be if I could store more then one schema and select it (DropDown) before I export. So if I create a scheme for several external apps (DevonThink, Tinderbox) I could use them all together.

Thanks for your great work!

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Hi Bryan,
is there a new version of your nice plugin in the pipeline?
Would love to use it…

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Very promising add-on. But on my Mac I cannot figure out how to use it. Clicking on the tools icon the window “Research tools” appears, but no clicks (e.g. “Tap on the link to view help”) seem to do anything. How to get started? What am I missing?

Is there any updated certified version ?

I would also be interested in a certified version. Thanks for providing the plugin

hello i dont understan how to use
can you make a sample video
best regards

and can you comment or feeedback about this ?

thank you

@webline @hermannkm @jeffk8900 İ don’t understand how to use it , can you help?