【MN Third-Party Addon】Jan 28 2021: SwitchTitle - switch between title and excerpts

SwitchTitle #Ver.1.0

Special thanks to Kulley from our Chinese forum and to QSD for his translation.

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No need to worry about whether you want a title or an excerpt~🥳

After installing, click the button (very similar to “:repeat_one:”) on the right-hand-side toolbar to activate/deactivate the plugin.

Simply click the card/excerpt you would like to switch. Then your card will automatically change to another style.

Three styles

  • Excerpt only :arrow_right: Title only
  • Title only :arrow_right: Title+Excerpt (same content)
  • Title+Excerpt :arrow_right: Excerpt only

i.e. a loop. Click three times and then it will go back to its original status.



Switch Title.mnaddon (4.3 KB)

If you want to check out some other versions of SwitchTitle, which has different conversion settings, you can download the pack from below. Note that these versions have not been officially signed.

Switch Title.zip (21.9 KB)


:white_check_mark:This plugin has an official signature.

:warning:To avoid discarding any information, some text may remain its format. For example, if your excerpt is emphasized, then its title form may have a “**” sign.

:warning:There is about 1 sec delay after clicking the card/excerpt.

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Super thank you!

This Add-On keeps messing with rectangular OCR, text are always cut off half-way through